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  A Picture Gallery of Older BBS screens for your nostalgic pleasure.. (or dart throwing practice perhaps)   

   We have been scouring the Internet (with a bit of help from Google) and will soon share a slideshow of some of the screen grabs we have of various BBS activities back in the day (or night for that matter).  If you have some to share - please shout and share.  Thanks!


While it is true most all the hardware we use has changed a lot over the years, its hard to imagine a better example of change than the way we connect to our data sources.   I have a funny story on this link to which shows how we went from drums and waving flaming sticks to smartphones and the modem history is almost as odd and funny to me.

  My first dialup modem was a Novation Cat acoustic coupled modem, You would dial the number on your standard desk phone, then put the handset in to the rubber cups on the modem.  The modem could not dial for you.  Best speed was 110 baud..  not kilobaud but just 110 baud.. I  think most of us can type faster than that. 


  Coming soon : 

- A place for old sysops to hang out, reminisce and learn. Listings of current and past BBS's will be here, message forums to discuss this unique and historic subject - and we welcome those who are looking to start a BBS or learn about them.

Stay tuned - check back later please

Meanwhile... if you have an idea or reference to share, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.